Learning Guide

This resource has been developed to provide information, guidance and advice to all interested in the world of Ceramics.

Whether you are a beginner just starting out or trying to find out how and where to get started, OR whether you are a Master Potter that has been heavily involved in the industry for years, we hope you can find this resource useful and both refer to it frequently and also maybe add to it as you see fit.

If you do wish to help us keep this resource up-to-date OR add to it, don't be shy, please be in touch. You can contact us via email: ceramixaustralia@gmail.com

Keeping Ceramics alive and flourishing has always been kept at our core. Passing on traditions and skills is part of the parcel.

This resource is our perspective on a layout of information that can be followed step-by-step OR as a flick-to point of reference. It will be a 'Live' resource and will be added to overtime. We hope to bring you information, techniques, traditions and culture from a variety of sources.

Stay tuned!