All Nidec-Shimpo products come with a Two-Year Manufacturers Warranty. This covers you for any manufacturing faults that occur within a Two-Year period from the time of purchase.


To make a claim, you will be required to reference your purchase invoice (via actual invoice or name of the original purchaser on the invoice), and also by providing an image of the identification plate that is attached to your product.


We now also offer a Three-Year In-House Extended Warranty. This gives you a complete combined coverage for a total term of Five-Years from your purchase date (Two-Year Manufacturers Warranty + Our In-House Three-Year Extended Warranty).

This covers any manufacturing faults and/or faults that have occurred from product failure/fault, however, will not cover negligent care and/or abuse to a product. Each warranty claim will be assessed on a case-by-case basis in a fair and just manner. If you would like to find out specifics of the Extended Warranty, please contact us.


We highly recommend you read our page on how to Care for your Nidec-Shimpo Potters Wheel and Best Practices. These include tips on routine maintenance that we believe will prolong the life of your Wheel and keep you throwing day-in, day-out.


Enquire to find out more!