Nidec-Shimpo RK-3E (VL Whisper) Potters Wheel


The Nidec-Shimpo RK-3E (VL Whisper) Potters Wheel is our flag ship wheel. It offers direct drive technology that is consistent and linear in its power delivery. It is precise in action allowing very fine motor control for a pleasant and balanced throwing experience.

The contemporary frame construction feels well planted and ergonomic with various height adjustments. It has a large tray back for all of your tools and water containers.

The foot pedal is solid in construction, has a 2m long cord allowing it to be positioned as you please. It will maintain speed at whichever position it is left, for a relaxed user experience.

The wheel can be setup as a standalone unit, on a bench-top by removing the legs, or for stand up throwing with the addition of the leg extension kit. View here

The RK-3E VL Whisper is internationally renowned for its high quality and performance, energy efficiency, and well balanced design principles that are a result of an accumulation of Japanese tradition, culture and engineering.

Designed to keep you balanced and at peace while you create


  •  BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR Smooth, quiet, powerful, no maintenance
  •  ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER Maintains desired speed under all load conditions
  •  BROAD SPEED RANGE Allows optimum speed under all load conditions
  •  REVERSIBILITY Can be used by left and right hand throwers
  •  BUILT-IN BREAKER Motor is protected from overload
  •  REMOTE FOOT PEDAL & ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT Accommodate all throwing positions (extra high legs are available on request)
  •  WHEELHEAD TURNS FREELY at 0 RPM Serves as a banding wheel
  •  TWO-PIECE SPLASHPAN Easy to clean, leaves front of machine free as bench for water pot and tools.
  •  TWO-YEAR WARRANTY Premium quality machine.


  • MODEL: RK – 3E
  • MOTOR OUTPUT: ½ HP, 400W , 7Amp
  • MOTOR INPUT: AC230/240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • DRIVE SYSTEM: Direct Drive DC Brushless Motor
  • SPEED CONTROL: Remote Foot Pedal (detachable) cord 2 Meters
  • WHEELHEAD SPEED : 0 – 250rpm
  • WHEELHEAD DIRECTION: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise switch reversible
  • WHEELHEAD: 350mm (14 inch) alloy casting.
  • DIMENSION: 600mmx702x 315 to 580adjustable (width length height)
  • WEIGHT: 42.5kg (ship weight 54kg, or 120 LBS.)


  • Wheelheads With Bat Pins Can Also Be Purchased In Two Sizes 12" (30cm) And Also 14" (35cm). Click Here To View These. Both Sizes Will Fit All Shimpo Splash Pans.