Nidec-Shimpo RK-3E (VL Whisper) Potters Wheel



  •  BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR Smooth, quiet, powerful, no maintenance
  •  ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER Maintains desired speed under all load conditions
  •  BROAD SPEED RANGE Allows optimum speed under all load conditions
  •  REVERSIBILITY Can be used by left and right hand throwers
  •  BUILT-IN BREAKER Motor is protected from overload
  •  REMOTE FOOT PEDAL & ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT Accommodate all throwing positions (extra high legs are available on request)
  •  WHEELHEAD TURNS FREELY at 0 RPM Serves as a banding wheel
  •  TWO-PIECE SPLASHPAN Easy to clean, leaves front of machine free as bench for water pot and tools.
  •  TWO-YEAR WARRANTY Premium quality machine.


  • MODEL: RK – 3E
  • MOTOR OUTPUT: ½ HP, 400W , 7Amp
  • MOTOR INPUT: AC230/240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • DRIVE SYSTEM: Direct Drive DC Brushless Motor
  • SPEED CONTROL: Remote Foot Pedal (detachable) cord 2 Meters
  • WHEELHEAD SPEED : 0 – 250rpm
  • WHEELHEAD DIRECTION: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise switch reversible
  • WHEELHEAD: 350mm (14 inch) alloy casting.
  • DIMENSION: 600mmx702x 315 to 580adjustable (width length height)
  • WEIGHT: 42.5kg (ship weight 54kg, or 120 LBS.)


  • Wheelheads With Bat Pins Can Also Be Purchased In Two Sizes 12" (30cm) And Also 14" (35cm). Click Here To View These. Both Sizes Will Fit All Shimpo Splash Pans.