BOTZ - 9313 Pyrite White


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    • striking, semi-transparent glaze with a great glassy surface
    • very gentle white colour with natural brown speckles
    • very easy to use in a broad firing range from 1020° to 1280°C (cone 05-04 to cone 8-9)
      • at 1050°C: very colourful and almost opaque / apply 2-3 times
      • at 1150°C: delicately speckled with a rather semi-transparent surface / apply 2 layer
      • at 1250°C: glassy, semi-transparent surface with intensive pastel shades, speckles become streaks on vertical surfaces / apply 2 layers 
    • tends to run when applied thickly from 1150°C on
    • perfect for tableware
    • works greatly also in combination with BOTZ Unidekor


    • glossy
    • tends to run
    • consistent in firing range 1020°-1280°C
    • Raku suitable
    • semi-transparent
    • recommended for tableware


      Display the effects at different firing temperatures

      • Square = 1050°C
      • Circle = 1150°C
      • Triangle = 1250°C (with both light and dark clay body comparison)