Nidec-Shimpo DUB-07 Electric Kiln


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Shimpo DUB Series Kilns are state of the art. They are strong and reliable units with great functionality. Their design is compact for their internal capacity and being on castors makes them very easy to move. They are very well insulated and emit very little ambient heat to the surrounding environment. Perfect for studio spaces and/or home studios.

All DUB kilns are rated to 1270 Degrees Celsius (~Cone 10). They all have hard dual density insulation (inside surface is light weight brick) this gives long service life and efficient cost saving operation.

The built in ECU-Controller is very easy to use yet offers very advanced programmable functions. Custom firing procedures can also be programmed into the unit with ease. The Kilns come with many pre-programmed firing types to choose from.

Anyone can easily use the DUB Series Kilns, making them ideal for beginners, master potters and everyone in between. With the ability to create your own programs and save them for your specific needs, it is easy to achieve and hone in on desired results.


  • Outside Dimensions: (W x D x H): 720 x 760 x 915mm
  • Internal Dimensions: (DIA x H): 445 x 570mm
  • Internal Capacity: 88.7Ltrs
  • Weight: 125kg
  • Electric Capacity: 6.7kW
  • Power Supply: 240V @ 28A
  • Maximum Firing Temperature: 1270°C (~Cone 10)
  • Thermocouples: R Type Thermocouple (1 piece)


  • 3 Round Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves 395mm Diameter
  • 1 Half Round Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelve 395mm Diameter
  • 3 Props 150mm
  • 3 Props 120mm
  • 3 Props 90mm
  • 3 Props 60mm
  • 3 Props 30mm
  • 4 Vent Plugs
  • Probe and Controller
  • Operating Instruction Manual