Nidec-Shimpo NVA-04S Pugmill Twin Auger (De-Airing)



The NVA-04S is the latest high-quality de-airing pugmill produced by Nidec-Shimpo. Nidec-Shimpo has a long history of making quality pug mills, and this beautifully engineered machine is the result of many decades of experience and testing to create the world’s best de-airing and wedging action (patents pending). This machine really removes all the air from the clay, (this is not always the case with other machines).

The main body and screws of this Mill are made of stainless steel. Making it is easy to clean, as well as being corrosion resistant should clay is left inside. It can also be safely used for white body clays and porcelain without marking.

This new model is a compact in design, it uses the latest high power output, 4 pole engine coupled with quiet, efficient direct gear driven twin augers to produce high extruding capacity.


• The NVA-04S incorporates the latest technology in auger design increasing wedging quality and producing air-free clay using a powerful vacuum.

• It has a dual safety system with limit switch automatically stopping motor when augers are exposed, large start and stop buttons for immediate operator control and an overload switch to protect the motor.

• Good Design: Removable stainless steel case allows for easy access to mixing chamber for fast and easy clean-up and maintenance.

• Impressive Extruding Capacity: Twin stainless steel mixing augers blend and extrude up to 200 kg/hour.

• Included with each of our pug mills is a clay roller shelf and cut off wire, covers for the clay hopper and clay nozzle to prevent drying, selection of tools, and instruction manual in English.

• Shimpo pug mills are manufactured with extreme care and the best standard of workmanship, they are guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery against all defective material or workmanship.


Dimensions: body length 920mm (or 1320mm including clay roller shelf), width 420mm, height 750mm
Weight: Main body: 140KG clay roller stand: 5KG
Screw Rotation: 19RPM
Main Motor: 400W, 230V, Single Phase
Vacuum Pump Motor: 200W, 230V, Single Phase
Structure: Clay hopper: Dual Auger Stainless Steel Screws, Nozzle Opening: 1 Stainless Steel Screw Shaft
Screw Case Material: Stainless Steel
Hopper Material: Stainless Steel
Clay Wedging Shelf Material: Stainless Steel
Nozzle Material: Stainless Steel
Nozzle Extruding diameter: 90mm