Nidec-Shimpo Table Slab Roller (TSR)


SHIMPO's Mini Slab Roller features a two-roller system with hand-lever and thickness indicator that provide synchronised fine adjustment that can produce a thickness of 0-2.54cm. It's lightweight (15kg), compact design makes it easily portable. Yet it's 40.6cm X 61cm table makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom.

Colour Change: This product is now in a Shimpo Blue and Stainless Steel combination.



Two-roller System     
Evenly distributes pressure on slab to reduce warping

Provides synchronised fine adjustment that allows for precise control of slab thickness

Thickness Indicator     
Providing synchronised fine adjustment that can produce a thickness of 0-2.54cm

Compact Design
Lightweight and compact design makes it easily portable

Table Dimensions     
40.6cm x 61cm


Model: SRM-1624
Slab Thickness: 0-2.54cm
Table Dimensions: 40.6cm x 61cm
Unit Weight: 15kg
Shipping Weight: 18kg