Petal Knife 3 - Mudtools


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Michael Sherrill and Mudtools are proud to bring you six beautiful carving blades in his Signature Series.

The Petal Knives are handcrafted in Michael’s studio from professional grade carbon steel, copper and reclaimed local hardwood. Mudtools strives to make tools that are functional, durable and beautiful. The tool in your hand should be as beautiful as the work you make.

As with the Dragtools and the Do∙All, the blades are made of sharpened carbon steel so the tool’s edge slices through the clay rather than pushes through it. The spooned petal shape of the blade helps you scoop into the clay rather than simply sheering off flat planes.

Carving and texture has become a hallmark to Michael’s work and having a tool with just the right amount of curve is key. If you have ever visited Michael’s studio, you know he has hundreds of tools he has altered or invented. After years of experience, Michael has distilled what he feels are the best most useful shapes from his tool box. From almost flat to a tight curve, you’ll find a shape to fit your desired cut.

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