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Polymer Rib - Shape 1 (Mudtools)

Polymer Rib - Shape 1 (Mudtools)

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These traditional kidney-shaped ribs are the most universally recognized pottery tool. They fit well in the hand and are useful for sculpting, hand building and throwing clay. Shape 1 Polymer Ribs are a best seller. 

All of our Mudtools polymer pottery ribs are made of a unique flexible material that will not develop burrs or cracks under normal use. Each polymer shape is available in a variety of hardness. 

  • Red (Very Soft)
  • Yellow (Soft) 
  • Green (Medium)
  • Blue (Firm)

The pottery rib is a classic and essential tool, it acts as an extension of the potter’s own hand. There are 9 different polymer ribs and 10 stainless steel ribs for you to choose from. Whatever you want to make, Mudtools have got you covered.