Nidec-Shimpo BW-25L Banding Wheel


SHIMPO’s banding wheels are used for decorating, sculpting, carving and hand building. Designed to provide reliable, smooth and even rotation for the most delicate applications. It's no wonder they are the banding wheel of choice for studio artists, production potters and classrooms alike. In four different models, we offer a selection of wheel-head diameters and heights.

Features & Benefits:

• Solid Cast-Iron Construction: This heavy duty construction ensures many years of use and will hold a spin and stay in place as needed
• Premium quality Ball Bearings: Extra smooth and even rotation – no wobbling or sticking
• One-Piece Design: Will not come apart when lifted

Please note: These banding wheel's are a cast iron product, they have a powder coated finish that is durable, but it can flake off over time depending on how the banding wheel is treated. This is considered normal and will not impact the banding wheel's performance.

We recommend cleaning and drying after each use and storing uncovered in a dry environment. Please do not leave clay on banding wheels for long periods of time.


DIAMETER: 250mm (9 7/8")
HEIGHT: 55mm (2 1/4")