Nidec-Shimpo RK-55 (VL Lite) Potters Wheel


The newest member of Shimpo quality wheels. The Rk-55 is designed to be the small version of the very popular RK-3E. Developed as a highly portable wheel, its light weight making it easily transportable yet sturdy for easy throwing. It features a handy large table, a quiet smooth motor and remote foot pedal enhancing its comfortable throwing position. The rugged plastic body is built to last and stand up to transporting/school conditions.



  • QUALITY MOTOR Smooth, quiet, powerful, no maintenance
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER precise speed control
  • BROAD SPEED RANGE Allows optimum throwing speed for all applications
  • REVERSIBILITY Can be used by left and right hand throwers
  • BUILT-IN BREAKER Motor is protected from overload
  • REMOTE FOOT PEDAL Can be placed in most comfortable position
  • TWO-PIECE SPLASHPAN Easy to clean, leaves front of machine free as bench for water pot and tools
  • TWO-YEAR WARRANTY Shimpo quality machine



  • MODEL: RK – 55
  • MOTOR OUTPUT: 1/4 HP, 100W
  • MOTOR INPUT: AC230/250V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • DRIVE SYSTEM: Belt Drive, automatic tensioning system
  • SPEED CONTROL: Remote Foot Pedal fixed cord 1.8 Meters
  • WHEELHEAD SPEED : 0 – 250rpm
  • WHEELHEAD DIRECTION: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise switch reversible
  • WHEELHEAD: 30cm (12 inch) alloy casting.
  • DIMENSION: 560mmx720x 540 (width length height)
  • WEIGHT: 23Kg