Wheel-Throwing Bat's (Full Size Wheels ONLY)



Our bats have been manufactured in house using CNC Technology. They are Australian made and manufactured and we are also using a Weathertex product as our primary bat material.

Weathertex is an Australian owned company that manufactures board material from sustainably sourced local hardwood forests. Their boards consist of 97% hardwood and 3% natural waxes for water repellency. They have a less than zero carbon footprint.



Our bats are manufactured to fit our Nidec-Shimpo Wheel-Heads, which fit all of our full size wheels, and come in two variants.

1. 300mm (12" Diameter) with 254mm (10") Pin-Centre's.

2. 350mm (14" Diameter) with 254mm (10") Pin-Centre's

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As a result, we have produced two sizes to fit:

1. 310mm Diameter

2. 360mm Diameter

These diameters both leave a 5mm lip around the respective wheel-head allowing for quick and easy removal of the bat from the wheel-head.



We have two portable wheels in the Nidec-Shimpo range:

1. RK-5T Portable Potters Wheel

2. RK-5TF Portable Potters Wheel

Both of these units have the same 178mm (7") Wheel-Head. The wheels come with 250mm plastic bats and we also supply these Click Here To View!

We have also manufactured 250mm bats to fit as an alternative to the factory plastic bats, for those who prefer a sustainable compressed hardwood alternative.



We are trying our best to increase our effort to support local Australian business and also to use sustainable products where we can, and we hope to increase our effort in this moving forwards,


Manufacturing in-house gives us the ability to manufacture bats with custom specifications, you can request a quote for custom:

1. Diameter

2. Material

3. Pin Configuration

Feel free to contact us at info@ceramixaustralia.com.au to discuss your custom options



Pin-Centre's: Pin-Centre's refers to the distance measured from centre-pin to centre-pin on our wheel-heads.

Pin Diameter: 9.0mm

Bat Pin-Hole Diameter: 9.5mm (This leaves .25mm space around the circumference of the pin, allowing for a snug fit without play, but enough to allow for easy fitment)

*Wheel-Head in images is for diagrammatic reference only and is sold separately.