Nidec-Shimpo Aluminium Wheel Head - 12" BLANK


General Information

Nidec-Shimpo Wheel Heads come in a variety of formats for different applications.

300mm (12") as found on the:

  • RK-3D (RK Whisper) Potters Wheel
  • Whisper-T Potters Wheel
  • RK-55 (VL Lite) Potters Wheel

350mm (14") as found on the:

  • RK-3E (VL Whisper) Potters Wheel

The current range of Nidec-Shimpo Potters Wheels will fit either size wheel head.

Wheel Heads can be purchased with OR without Bat Pins. We have a standard Pin Pattern of 254mm (10") Pin-Centre's. These have 9mm Diameter Pin's.

If you require a custom Pin Pattern, please purchase a Blank Wheel Head - you can either install Pins yourself or consult with an engineering workshop for fitment.

Wheel Throwing Bat's

We manufacture throwing bat's to suit our wheel-heads, CLICK HERE TO VIEW!